Our goal is customer satisfaction over time. Training, assistance and counseling that is directly geared to the benefit of the customer, even terms attitude and fair pricing are our means of achieving that goal.


How can we assess that what we heard in the demo would exist in our system as well? Understanding the conditions, proper training and demonstration at the customer's home are just some of the tools prior to purchasing. Delivery to the customer's home, installing the product, integrating it into the system and training the customer are integral to every purchase.

Music First

Every audio component we offer has one purpose: to reproduce music in the most natural way. Therefore, musicality is a threshold requirement. Each component, when integrated into the system must provide musical enjoyment.

What People Say?

"The experience at Raphy's place is fascinating, every time and at different budgets I get wonderful results. Gentlemen... at Raphy's, music is heard as music should sound (to my ears), everything is true and exciting, everything is in place."
"I've known Raphy for quite a few years. A pleasant person, loves the field and lives it. Infinite knowledge, a first-rate professional in both audio and music. Helped me many times placing my speakers and my equipment with all his heart and did not leave until it was perfectly perfect."
"As for Raphy, what can I say? Courtesy, professionalism and decency are the right words to describe every visit of and every interaction with him. This is a person who loves what he does and gives you a pleasant feeling each and every moment."

Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II

are nominated loudspeakers of the year 2018 in Israeli Web site DTown


"I review loudspeakers according to their price. Therefore, this should be addressed. In this case, I deviate from my habit and crown this loudspeaker right now as the speaker of the year. It is a speaker with value for money on a phenomenal scale. It is fast, precise, strong, very balanced and incredibly detailed. At the same time, it is a special speaker that combines the romance of the 1980s with detailed and precise modern sound. In other words, it is a speaker without enclosure, which makes it completely natural without the “pitfalls” of an enclosure, which is not strong enough and neutral enough to display a sound that is "right" rather than "seasoned" and flattering, and on the other hand it has this warmth that is well suited to a design of old times. A very simple crossover, units from the "soft" family (compared with carbon and ceramics) and of course, the execution and construction that has been following this model for several decades. In the end, this combination finds its way not only to the mind of the listener, but to his heart."

Tsakiridis-Devices Alexander

Reviewed in Israeli Web site DTown


"Get to know this preamplifier that will make you enjoy music. First, it is very quiet. Very balanced, very “true”. It has something I can define as not pretentious. It is very reminiscent of the great preamplifiers they made before the whole network festival came into play. And in the end, I personally, am very much connected to this matter of separation. True, it is neither modern nor in. But in the end, when you allow music to speak, this front-wheeler expresses it so well, so exciting and Western, that it's hard to remain indifferent to it. And for all these complements we add another compliment - the price for abilities - wow!"

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